Where do I go?

Performances are at:

City Recital Hall
2 Angel Place Sydney NSW 2000 Australia

phone (02) 9231 9000

How Do I get there?

Bus or Train
Easily reached by public transport, the venue is situated in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, at 2 Angel Place Sydney. A map is provided here for your convenience. You may wish to visit CityRail’s website for train timetables, visit the Sydney Buses website for bus timetables or use the Transport Infoline trip planner.

Wilson Parking operates a 180-space car park next door to City Recital Hall at 123 Pitt St, Sydney. Patrons may access the Hall using the car park lift which takes patrons directly to the level where their seats are located. Patrons can access City Recital Hall foyers via the car park lift one hour prior and 30 minutes after the performance.

What do I do?

People often ask us what they should do at the opera…
And the truth is, we don’t mind what you do!

You can love it – but you have to tell us!
You can hate it – but you definitely have to tell us!
You can whoop and cheer and stamp your feet in appreciation.
Or you can walk home on Cloud Nine, and maybe tell all your friends.

The one thing you can’t do, is keep it to yourself.

About the venue

The City Recital Hall is a 1,238 seat Hall in a shoebox shape, proven worldwide as the ideal shape for hearing western classical music. Based on the classical configuration of the 19th century European concert hall, the design includes gently raking stalls and two galleries that wrap around both sides and rear of the auditorium creating a sense of intimacy between audience and performer. 

The elegant decor of French grey, gold leaf, light timber panelling and plum coloured upholstery provides a sense of occasion, enhanced by the white marble grand staircase that sweeps up from the entry foyer to the three seating level foyers, each with their own bar.

For more information see www.cityrecitalhall.com


Photo Eric Sierins (2005)