Images of Inspiration for Coronation of Poppea

Here you will find a collection of images our director Mark Gaal and set/costume designer Charles Davis used to inspire them for this monumental and deeply passionate work by the great Monteverdi.

The design team will create a thoroughly modern world for Poppea, setting the action inside a concrete bunker.  These grey, industrial tones will be contrasted with hot pink neon lights that will bring a sense of vibrancy and energy of an inner-urban world.  Historically, the colour red has been synonymous with Poppea and indeed royalty in general.  Here the pink is most certainly a nod to this treatment while providing a twist on this convention. 

The characters Nero and Poppea, although they lived centuries ago, remain relevant in this contemporary, but flexible world.  They were Anceient Rome's version of our modern day celebrities.  Their position and popularity elevated them to a status within society, much in the way we elevate cultural characters to celebrity status today.    You might recognise some of the modern day characters Charles and Mark have used to draw their inspiration for costumes and characterisation.


Monteverdi's Coronation of Poppea

30 Nov - Dec 7

City Recital Hall